Meet the Wheels Up family

We are a family of dreamers.  We love adventure and learning and experiencing new things together as a family.

Josh ~ an entrepreneur, businessman, pilot, musician (the go big or go home kind of guy!) Pictures shared on this site are taken by Josh.

Emily ~ an educator, musician, writer, listener (not a risk seeker, but I’ll keep up with any adventure Josh throws my way!) Blog posts are written by Emily.

Together we’ve been married 16 years.  We are followers of Jesus and hope to share His light and love to everyone we meet.  We have 4 kids ~ Preston, our competitor, Evie, our fashionista, Mia, our nature girl, and Case, our charmer.

London Itinerary London Bridge

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As we are about to embark on our 6th year of homeschooling, I’ve been reflecting back on the past 5 years and thinking about all the things we’ve done – the successes and the flops.  Here is what I consider our Homeschool Greatest Hits – our top 5 in 5 years.

You hear about people going through a midlife crisis at this stage in life, and I guess I can understand that a little.  It really does hit you just how fast everything has happened and makes you evaluate where you are now.  For me, thankfully, there has been no crisis … only clarity. 

Walking along the gravel path, following the way of the water in the creek, I was carrying on a little conversation in my heart with my Father.  The air was crisp, the sun was shining, and the only sound I could hear was that of the water moving.  I whispered to God in my soul, “I love it here.” And I felt Him whisper back, “I knew you would.”

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