Meet the Wheels Up family

We are a family of dreamers.  We love adventure and learning and experiencing new things together as a family.

Josh ~ an entrepreneur, businessman, pilot, musician (the go big or go home kind of guy!)

Emily ~ an educator, musician, writer, listener (not a risk seeker, but I’ll keep up with any adventure Josh throws my way!)

Together we’ve been married 15 years.  We are followers of Jesus and hope to share His light and love to everyone we meet.  We have 4 kids ~ Preston, our competitor, Evie, our fashionista, Mia, our nature girl, and Case, our charmer.

London Itinerary London Bridge

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The question I get most about homeschooling is our ‘why.’ I’m glad when people ask. It helps me to remember, and it is always good to remember our ‘why.’

Nothing can quite compare with the Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina. God taught me a lesson there I’ll carry with me, especially in these crazy times.

Views from Dunnottar Castle at Sunset

So where all should you go in Scotland? There are so many great choices.  For our first trip to Scotland, some of our choices might be on a typical list and some might surprise you.  We absolutely loved our itinerary and want to share it!