Meet the Wheels Up family

We are a family of dreamers.  We love adventure and learning and experiencing new things together as a family.

Josh ~ an entrepreneur, businessman, pilot, musician (the go big or go home kind of guy!)

Emily ~ an educator, musician, writer, listener (not a risk seeker, but I’ll keep up with any adventure Josh throws my way!)

Together we’ve been married 16 years.  We are followers of Jesus and hope to share His light and love to everyone we meet.  We have 4 kids ~ Preston, our competitor, Evie, our fashionista, Mia, our nature girl, and Case, our charmer.

London Itinerary London Bridge

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In January of 2020, before literally everything in our world changed, we had the privilege of seeing Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway with some dear friends.  I love musicals .. which totally makes sense because I love a good story and I love music; musicals are the perfect marriage of literature and music. Dear Evan Hansen is one that will make you laugh and make you cry.  The music is so good.  And the story … It deals with some very real, very hard issues…

Although we were only in Buenos Aires for a short time, we loved this vibrant city!  Here are all our favorites including where to go, what to eat, and what to do!

One night recently I was getting my 4 year old ready for bed, and it had been kind of a long day.  I was frustrated with our homeschool day.  I was stressed about work situations for my husband and myself.  I was feeling discouraged about ways I had failed that day.  I was tired.  I was overwhelmed with decisions that needed to be made and feelings of uncertainty of what would come of those decisions …

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