Walking along the gravel path, following the way of the water in the creek, I was carrying on a little conversation in my heart with my Father.  The…

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I am a Writer.

I remember when I was a girl writing a song in my bedroom about wanting to be like Jesus; I can even remember the melody I wrote.  I…

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Another Year Older

Recently I needed my driver’s license for something, and when I was taking it out of its little slot in my billfold, I caught a glimpse of my…

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You Are Not Alone

In January of 2020, before literally everything in our world changed, we had the privilege of seeing Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway.  I love musicals .. which totally…

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A Joy Journey

One night recently I was getting my 4 year old ready for bed, and it had been kind of a long day.  I was frustrated with our homeschool…

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Yay God Adventure
Photo Cred: Chip and Heather Schroeder

Yay God Adventure

If you’ve looked at the Wheels Up Family blog for any length of time you’ve hopefully quickly realized that we love travel and we love Jesus. We are…

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