It happens quite often that God uses our children to teach me something.  These 2 silly ones for example … they both have this thing where they are always worried we are going to run out of gas in our car.  Always asking anytime we go somewhere: “Do we have enough gas?” “Are we going to run out of gas?” “Are you sure we don’t need to stop for gas?” And it is not like they’ve had some traumatic experience of being stranded or something.  We’ve NEVER run out of gas before!

The other day when we were in the car and one of them was yet again saying they were scared we were going to run out of gas, and I yet again assured them we were fine … I thought to myself, “Why in the world do they do that? Why are they so afraid of something that has never happened? Don’t they know that I’ll take care of that?”

 Then there comes that little tap on my shoulder from the Holy Spirit … Um, Emily, you totally do that too!


 *Taking creative liberties here, but this is how I imagine the rest of that conversation with God could go …


Me: What?? No I don’t!


God: (Chuckling) Okay, whatever you say … it just sounds pretty familiar to me!


Me: I’ve never given them any reason to fear running out of gas! Why would they worry about that? The things I worry about are things that might really happen!


God: I get that.  Bad things happen.  Remember when I said, “In this world you will have trouble?” What was the next part again?


Me: “But take heart, I have overcome the world.”  Yes, I know but …


God: And you can’t understand why the kids fear something that you as their parent are supposed to take care of and have always taken care of?


Me: Right … they don’t trust me I guess and get anxious about something they don’t need to be anxious about. And even if we DID run out of gas … I would take care of them, you know?


God: (Patiently smiles) Are you getting it yet? Have I ever failed you? Have I ever left you? Have I ever given you a reason to think you can’t trust me?


Me: No, never


God: And even when bad things do happen, I take care of you, right?


Me: Yes, always … more than I can say


God: Yet you are anxious about many things …  Do you remember the next part of that one?


Me: But only one thing is needed …


God: But only one thing is needed.   Just like when the kids ask 15 million questions in a day like what are we going to do today, where are we going, when are we doing this or that, what are we going to have for lunch, for snack, for dinner, etc, etc … You don’t feel the need to answer every single question because they don’t need to know everything right? They just need to do what they’re supposed to do and trust you for the rest since you are the one who makes the plan for the day.  Well … same. I got this whole thing. I’ll fill you in on what you need to know when you need to know it.  Just do what you’re supposed to do and trust me for the rest.


Me: Okay, I get it.  I’ll probably need You to keep reminding me, but I get it, and I trust You. Great is Your faithfulness, Oh God my Father.


God: (Humming) I’ve always loved that song.


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