Wheels Up!

One day it hit us just how quickly time is slipping away.  Our kids are growing so fast, and before we know it our time with them at home will be over.  Josh and I had always talked of wanting to travel as a family.  We wanted to see the world, but yet we went a span of about 8 years without taking a family vacation. We realized that if we weren’t more intentional about planning trips with our family, it would continue to never happen.  So now we do what we love to do and what we’ve gotten better and better at through the years … we dream together, and then we plan how to make the dream happen.  

Josh is a general aviation pilot, so a lot of our travels have been in a small plane with him as our pilot!  This in itself has provided a great adventure!  I’m always so thankful for the time Josh puts in to stay current in his training and that he is always furthering his pilot ratings so that we can safely travel this way.  International travel is a different type of “wheels up” that is also a part of our family adventures.  There was a time when traveling internationally with 4 kids seemed impossible from a financial standpoint and impractical from a …well…practical standpoint, but life is short and God is good!  So we dreamed, and we planned, and by God’s grace made the plans come to life.  

Since we started traveling more, I keep finding myself wanting to share the stories!  Our Travel Stories is where our family will share to reflect, remember, and reminisce.  I also wanted a place to share some of the research I put in before a trip and what we learned, as far as what worked well for us and what didn’t.  Our Travel Tips is where that kind of thing can be found in hopes that it encourages and helps other families in planning their adventures.  Also, a part of our family life that helps in our flexibility in traveling is homeschooling, so I’d love to share some of our family’s homeschool journey.  And finally, I love to write about things that are important to me, so in addition to our travel and homeschool adventures, I’ll occasionally share about my faith and what God is teaching me.  

Let’s get wheels up, and see what new places we can fly!


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